Paper Cups

Q:What sizes of paper cups do you have?
A:We have paper cups from 2oz to 32oz,plain or printed.

Q: Can I print anything on the cups?
A: Yes, there are unlimited ways and styles you can choose.

Q:What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) required for printed paper cups??
A:We require a MOQ of 1,00,000 pieces per size and design. There will be one time cost of designing, plate and film making which will be done by the customer. The cost may vary depending upon the number of colours, size and order quantity.

Q: What is the lead time for supply paper cups?
A: Our lead time is approximately 4 weeks, but often, we have delivered in two weeks, this all depends on our schedules. In some urgent cases, we have delivered in one week.

Q:What is your quality process and how do you check for leakage?
A:We stop leakage at our factory and don’t let the cups reach our customers. Our quality control team performs various tests to check for leakage such as vacuumed check, air pressure test, tearing resistance test, sealing strength test, knurling strength test, bottom strength. We also perform tests by filling hot and cold liquids in our cups and check for leakage – the test duration is based on the cup size.
Q:How do you package the cups? Do you offer customized packing?
A:We pack the cups in plastic sleeves in stacks of 50 pieces and finally pack in 5 ply carton boxes with 20 sleeves and a total of 1,000 pieces per box. We also offer customized packing with custom printing on the sleeves and carton boxes as per your requirement.